Commit 5ee94f58 authored by Mark Jones's avatar Mark Jones Committed by Albert Astals Cid
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Exclude IncomeExpense categories from opening date price consistency check

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REVIEW: 129702
parent fa2c384c
......@@ -2324,6 +2324,8 @@ const QStringList MyMoneyFile::consistencyCheck()
//look for accounts which have currencies other than the base currency but no price on the opening date
//all accounts using base currency are excluded, since that's the base used for foreing currency calculation
//thus it is considered as always present
//accounts that represent Income/Expense categories are also excluded as price is irrelevant for their
//fake opening date since a forex rate is required for all multi-currency transactions
//get all currencies in use
QStringList currencyList;
......@@ -2333,7 +2335,8 @@ const QStringList MyMoneyFile::consistencyCheck()
QList<MyMoneyAccount>::const_iterator account_it;
for (account_it = accList.constBegin(); account_it != accList.constEnd(); ++account_it) {
MyMoneyAccount account = *account_it;
if (!currencyList.contains(account.currencyId())
if (!account.isIncomeExpense()
&& !currencyList.contains(account.currencyId())
&& account.currencyId() != baseCurrency().id()
&& !account.currencyId().isEmpty()) {
//add the currency and the account-currency pair
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