Commit 7ea71b3c authored by Dawid Wróbel's avatar Dawid Wróbel
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Keep reconciliation dialog from growing to excessive size

BUG: 405204
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......@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@ InterestChargeCheckingsWizardPage::InterestChargeCheckingsWizardPage(QWidget *pa
registerField("payeeEdit", ui->m_payeeEdit, "selectedItem", SIGNAL(itemSelected(QString)));
// reduce the amount of characters shown for a payee
connect(ui->m_interestEdit, &AmountEdit::textChanged, this, &QWizardPage::completeChanged);
connect(ui->m_interestCategoryEdit, &QComboBox::editTextChanged, this, &QWizardPage::completeChanged);
connect(ui->m_chargesEdit, &AmountEdit::textChanged, this, &QWizardPage::completeChanged);
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