Commit e7fbbf33 authored by Thomas Baumgart's avatar Thomas Baumgart
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Keep values stored in splits when editing invest transactions

Values stored in splits provided e.g. by online banking plugins were
erased when a transaction was edited.

This change make sure that this information is remained unmodified.

BUG: 415257
FIXED-IN: 5.0.8
(cherry picked from commit de6d2425)
parent 8e251e85
......@@ -211,6 +211,13 @@ bool Activity::createCategorySplits(const MyMoneyTransaction& t, KMyMoneyCategor
if (!cat->isSplitTransaction()) {
MyMoneySplit s1;
// base the resulting split on the original split
// that was provided which avoids loosing data
// stored in the split
if (!osplits.isEmpty()) {
s1 = osplits.first();
QString categoryId;
categoryId = cat->selectedItem();
if (!categoryId.isEmpty()) {
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