Commit ff1f23ae authored by Thomas Baumgart's avatar Thomas Baumgart
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All splits in a scheduled transaction reference the same payee

BUG: 438328
FIXED-IN: 5.1.2

note: no need to cherry-pick to master as master will eventually allow
to modify the payee on a split basis.
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......@@ -196,6 +196,17 @@ public:
m_editor->createTransaction(t, m_schedule.transaction(), m_schedule.transaction().splits().isEmpty() ? MyMoneySplit() : m_schedule.transaction().splits().front(), false);
// make sure all splits in the scheduled transaction
// reference the same payee
if (t.splitCount() > 1) {
const auto payeeId = t.splits().first().payeeId();
for (auto split : t.splits()) {
if (split.payeeId() != payeeId) {
return t;
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