Commit 0c6b4719 authored by Stephane Mankowski's avatar Stephane Mankowski
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Units list doesn't save font size (see

parent f33a480e
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ skrooge (2.23.0)
*Correction: Change icon for trackers by a "crosshairs"
*Correction: Source ratesapi doesn't work in appimage
*Correction: Add "Settings" description in documentation
*Correction: Units list doesn't save font size (see
*Correction: Update comment of operation when suboperation of a single operation is modified
*Feature: Add new source ""
*Feature: In "Search & Process", possibility to search operations by number of spit (ideal to seach simple operations are push suboperation comment on operation comment)
......@@ -1740,14 +1740,14 @@ void SKGMainPanel::refresh()
QWidget* zoomWidget = toSave->zoomableWidget();
auto* treeView = qobject_cast<SKGTreeView*>(zoomWidget);
if (treeView != nullptr) {
disconnect(treeView, &SKGTreeView::zoomChanged, nullptr, nullptr);
disconnect(treeView, &SKGTreeView::zoomChanged, this, nullptr);
connect(treeView, &SKGTreeView::zoomChanged, this, [ = ](int val) {
} else {
auto* webView = qobject_cast<SKGWebView*>(zoomWidget);
if (webView != nullptr) {
disconnect(webView, &SKGWebView::zoomChanged, nullptr, nullptr);
disconnect(webView, &SKGWebView::zoomChanged, this, nullptr);
connect(webView, &SKGWebView::zoomChanged, this, [ = ](int val) {
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