Commit 647f8349 authored by Stephane Mankowski's avatar Stephane Mankowski

Set the "Date of import" and "Import balance" when importing from OFX

parent 0c330812
skrooge (2.22.0)
*Correction bug 417163: Date 31/12 => 02/12
*Correction: Set the "Date of import" and "Import balance" when importing from OFX
*Correction: Merge of number of operation
*Correction: Fix Get Hot New Stuff legacy Endpoints
*Correction: Files not able to be checked out on Windows
......@@ -206,6 +206,7 @@ int SKGImportPluginOfx::ofxStatementCallback(struct OfxStatementData data, void*
SKGAccountObject act;
SKGImportPluginOfx::m_ofxError = getAccount(accountData, doc, act);
if (!SKGImportPluginOfx::m_ofxError) {
impotExporter->addAccountToCheck(act, data.ledger_balance);
if (act.getNbOperation() > 1) {
SKGImportPluginOfx::m_ofxError = doc->sendMessage(i18nc("An information message", "The initial balance of '%1' has not been set because some operations are already existing", act.getName()));
} else {
......@@ -141,6 +141,7 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv)
SKGTESTERROR(QStringLiteral("ACCOUNT.getObjectByName"), SKGNamedObject::getObjectByName(&document1, QStringLiteral("v_account"), QStringLiteral("1234567L123"), account), true)
SKGTESTERROR(QStringLiteral("ACCOUNT.load"), account.load(), true)
SKGTEST(QStringLiteral("ACCOUNT:getCurrentAmount"), SKGServices::doubleToString(account.getCurrentAmount()), QStringLiteral("-8238.77"))
SKGTEST(QStringLiteral("ACCOUNT:getCurrentAmount"), account.getAttribute(QStringLiteral("f_importbalance")), QStringLiteral("-8238.77"))
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