Commit 60cdaf66 authored by Robby Stephenson's avatar Robby Stephenson
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Fix regexp in Google Scholar fetcher

The regexp for submitting the form to set the Bibtex cookie was bad.
How did it ever work?

BUG: 316550
FIXED-IN: 2.3.8
parent 301ed4cc
2013-03-11 Robby Stephenson <>
* Fixed regexp in Google Scholar fetcher to set cookie (Bug 316550).
2013-03-10 Robby Stephenson <>
* Update Allocine API to use JSONn instead of XML.
......@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ void GoogleScholarFetcher::setBibtexCookie() {
// have to set preferences to have bibtex output
const QString text = FileHandler::readTextFile(KUrl(SCHOLAR_SET_BIBTEX_URL), true);
// find hidden input variables
QRegExp inputRx(QLatin1String("<input\\s+.*\\s+type\\s*=\\s*hidden\\s+.*>"));
QRegExp inputRx(QLatin1String("<input\\s+[^>]*\\s*type\\s*=\\s*\"hidden\"\\s+[^>]+>"));
QRegExp pairRx(QLatin1String("([^=\\s<]+)\\s*=\\s*\"?([^=\\s\">]+)\"?"));
QHash<QString, QString> nameValues;
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ void GoogleScholarFetcherTest::initTestCase() {
m_fieldValues.insert(QLatin1String("entry-type"), QLatin1String("article"));
m_fieldValues.insert(QLatin1String("title"), QLatin1String("Speeding up the Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm for dynamical fermions"));
m_fieldValues.insert(QLatin1String("author"), QLatin1String("Hasenbusch, M."));
m_fieldValues.insert(QLatin1String("author"), QLatin1String("Hasenbusch, Martin"));
m_fieldValues.insert(QLatin1String("publisher"), QLatin1String("Elsevier"));
m_fieldValues.insert(QLatin1String("journal"), QLatin1String("physics letters b"));
m_fieldValues.insert(QLatin1String("volume"), QLatin1String("519"));
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