Commit 232a1669 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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Flag modules that fail to configure for --refresh-build.

kdesrc-build has long supported using a file '.refresh-me' in a build
directory as a flag to treat a module being built as if the
'--refresh-build' command line option was passed for that module.

As suggested in my last commit message, this commit will automatically
create that file if the configure/build-system-setup phase of a module
build fails. This way even if I choose wrong on which filename to look
for to determine a successful build, there will still be a way for
kdesrc-build to easily tell that it should start all over next time.
parent 73115973
......@@ -5421,6 +5421,16 @@ EOF
if (!$buildSystem->configureInternal()) {
error ("\tUnable to configure r[$self] with " . $self->buildSystemType());
# Add undocumented ".refresh-me" file to build directory to flag
# for --refresh-build for this module on next run. See also the
# "needsRefreshed" subroutine.
if (open my $fh, '>', '.refresh-me') {
say $fh "# Build directory will be re-generated next kdesrc-build run";
say $fh "# due to failing to complete configuration on the last run";
close $fh;
return 0;
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