Commit 467a3cf3 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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Backport kdenonbeta/manual-update with unsermake bugfix, and the

use-unsermake self feature to 3.5.

svn path=/branches/KDE/3.5/kdesdk/scripts/kdesvn-build; revision=440163
parent 4b8491ee
......@@ -2272,16 +2272,17 @@ sub adjust_update_list
# to add kdenonbeta/unsermake to the checkout list.
my $unsermake_needed = grep (get_option ($_, 'use-unsermake'), @{$build_ref});
# If the user has told us that they will manage unsermake then we don't
# need to do anything.
$unsermake_needed = 0 if get_option('global', 'use-unsermake') eq 'self';
# If the user has set manual-update, don't second-guess them.
$unsermake_needed = 0 if get_option('kdenonbeta', 'manual-update');
debug "Do we update unsermake? ", ($unsermake_needed ? 'yes' : 'no');
if ($unsermake_needed)
# If we already have unsermake and the user has set manual-update,
# don't second-guess them.
my $source_dir = get_fullpath('kdenonbeta', 'source');
if (-e "$source_dir/unsermake" and get_option('kdenonbeta', 'manual-update'))
if (not list_has(@{$list_ref}, 'kdenonbeta'))
whisper "Adding kdenonbeta/unsermake to build.";
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