Commit 529a97f9 authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure
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Support for per-module prefix

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts/kdesvn-build; revision=434866
parent b89f6bea
......@@ -2563,9 +2563,11 @@ sub safe_configure
if ($module ne 'qt-copy')
my $kdedir = get_option ('global', 'kdedir');
push @commands, "CXXFLAGS=$cxxflags" if $cxxflags;
push @commands, "--prefix=$kdedir";
my $kdedir = get_option ('global', 'kdedir');
my $prefix = get_option ($module, 'prefix');
$prefix = $kdedir unless defined($prefix);
push @commands, "--prefix=$prefix";
# We're special casing these modules because we're using the lndir
# hack for them.
......@@ -64,6 +64,12 @@ global
# install KDE anywhere on your system, in conjunction with the
# make-install-prefix option.
# kdedir ~/kde
# You can overwrite the installation directory for a given module using
# the per-module "prefix" option. Note that when doing this you need to
# set KDEDIRS, PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to both directories,
# and that you should use separate test users or KDEHOME values to separate
# the ksycoca databases. Only set prefix if you know what you're doing.
# If you would like install KDE to the system (DO NOT INSTALL *over* a prior
# installation!), then you'll probably need to use sudo to install everything.
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