Commit 85c8b4f2 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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Make it very clear use-xml-modules is gone.

This should help people testing trunk fix their configs before the
eventual release. ;)
parent 6ad18d07
......@@ -3566,6 +3566,28 @@ sub parse_moduleset
die make_exception('Config', 'Invalid use-modules');
# TODO: Compat hack, to be removed later.
elsif ($option eq 'use-xml-modules') {
die make_exception('Config', <<EOF);
Sorry, the use-xml-modules options has been deleted. It should be replaced in
your config by:
repository kde-projects
and the use-xml-modules converted to the existing use-modules as normal.
use-xml-modules kdepim-runtime kdepim
end module-set
repository kde-projects
use-modules kdepim-runtime kdepim
end module-set
elsif ($option eq 'set-env') {
handle_set_env(\%optionSet, $option, $value);
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