Commit a1471899 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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xsession: Install session support files after kdesrc-build run.

Currently we install after printing out the various failure category

There is a "--delete-my-settings" option that is mentioned to override
the file collision detection, but it's not actually implemented. We do
automatically ignore file collisions if the previous version was
installed by kdesrc-build, we use md5 digests to detect this case.

I will still need to rearrange the variables so that *only*
kdesrc-build-controlled changes are made in kde-env-master. E.g. KDEHOME
might be changed by the user... but then kdesrc-build will always
complain that it wants to overwrite it.

We're getting close though. :)
parent b54ea9df
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ use warnings;
use Fcntl qw(:DEFAULT :seek); # For sysopen constants
use Carp;
use POSIX qw(strftime :sys_wait_h _exit);
use File::Basename; # basename
use File::Find; # For our lndir reimplementation.
use File::Path qw(remove_tree);
use File::Glob ':glob';
......@@ -6596,6 +6597,89 @@ sub installTemplatedFile
# This function installs a source file to a destination path, assuming the
# source file is a "templated" source file (see also installTemplatedFile), and
# records a digest of the file actually installed. This function will overwrite
# a destination if the destination is identical to the last-installed file.
# Error handling: Any errors will result in an exception being thrown.
# Return value: There is no return value.
# Parameters:
# BuildContext to use for looking up template values,
# The full path to the source file.
# The full path to the destination file (incl. name)
# The key name to use for searching/recording installed MD5 digest.
sub installCustomFile
my $ctx = assert_isa(shift, 'ksb::BuildContext');
my ($sourceFilePath, $destFilePath, $md5KeyName) = @_;
my $baseName = basename($sourceFilePath);
if (-e $destFilePath) {
my $existingMD5 = $ctx->getPersistentOption('/digests', $md5KeyName);
if (!$existingMD5 || fileDigestMD5($destFilePath) ne $existingMD5) {
error ("\tr[*] Installing \"b[$baseName]\" would overwrite an existing file:");
error ("\tr[*] y[b[$destFilePath]");
error ("\tr[*] If this is acceptable, please delete the existing file and re-run,");
error ("\tr[*] or pass b[--delete-my-settings] and re-run.");
if (!pretending()) {
installTemplatedFile($sourceFilePath, $destFilePath, $ctx);
$ctx->setPersistentOption('/digests', $md5KeyName, fileDigestMD5($destFilePath));
# This function installs the included sample .xsession and environment variable
# setup files, and records the md5sum of the installed results.
# If a file already exists, then its md5sum is taken and if the same as what
# was previously installed, is overwritten. If not the same, the original file
# is left in place and the .xsession is instead installed to
# .xsession-kdesrc-build
# Error handling: Any errors will result in an exception being thrown.
# Return value: There is no return value.
# Parameters:
# BuildContext to use for looking up template values,
sub installCustomSessionDriver
use FindBin qw($RealBin);
use List::Util qw(first);
my $ctx = assert_isa(shift, 'ksb::BuildContext');
my @xdgDataDirs = split(':', $ENV{XDG_DATA_DIRS} || '/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/');
my $xdgDataHome = $ENV{XDG_DATA_HOME} || "$ENV{HOME}/.local/share";
# First we have to find the source
my @searchPaths = ($RealBin, map { "$_/kdesrc-build" } ($xdgDataHome, @xdgDataDirs));
s{/+$}{} foreach @searchPaths; # Remove trailing slashes
s{//+}{/}g foreach @searchPaths; # Remove duplicate slashes
my $envScript = first { -f $_ } (
map { "$_/" } @searchPaths
my $sessionScript = first { -f $_ } (
map { "$_/" } @searchPaths
if (!$envScript || !$sessionScript) {
warning ("b[*] Unable to find helper files to setup a login session.");
warning ("b[*] You will have to setup login yourself, or install kdesrc-build properly.");
installCustomFile($ctx, $envScript, "$ENV{HOME}/",
installCustomFile($ctx, $sessionScript, "$ENV{HOME}/.xsession",
# Reads a "line" from a file. This line is stripped of comments and extraneous
# whitespace. Also, backslash-continued multiple lines are merged into a single
# line.
......@@ -9148,6 +9232,7 @@ eval
cleanup_log_directory($ctx) if $ctx->getOption('purge-old-logs');
$time = localtime;
my $color = '';
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