Commit e3c41daf authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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Use 'tag' option when cloning git modules.

This partially implements bug 308493. To fully implement it will be
required to handle the case of an already-checked-out module (though
prepatory work is already complete).

parent f96d0f92
......@@ -2252,6 +2252,9 @@ anonymous repository.</para></note>
want</emphasis> to use this option. &kde; releases are available in tarball form
from <ulink url="">The &kde; FTP site</ulink> or one of <ulink
url="">its mirrors</ulink>.</para>
<note><para>This option has only been supported for git-based modules since
&kdesrc-build; 1.16.</para></note>
......@@ -2549,11 +2549,16 @@ EOM
$module->setPersistentOption('git-cloned-repository', $git_repo);
my $branch = $self->getBranch();
# Switch immediately to user-requested branch now.
if ($branch ne 'master') {
# Switch immediately to user-requested tag or branch now.
if (my $tag = $module->getOption('tag')) {
info ("\tSwitching to specific tagged-commit g[$tag]");
$result = (log_command($module, 'git-checkout-tag',
['git', 'checkout', "refs/tags/$tag"]) == 0);
elsif ((my $branch = $self->getBranch()) ne 'master') {
info ("\tSwitching to branch g[$branch]");
$result = (log_command($module, 'git-checkout',
['git', 'checkout', '-b', $branch, "origin/$branch"]) == 0);
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