Commit 4ddc4159 authored by Felix Ernst's avatar Felix Ernst 🇺🇦
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This commit removes the ability to enter selection mode by

click-and-holding with a pointing device like a mouse.

This functionality was originally implemented because it seemed
useful to save users the effort of entering selection mode
explicitly by using its corresponding action.

However, click-and-holding to trigger anything is not really an
expected behaviour. (This contrasts with touch devices where
press-and-holding is common to trigger something.)

Aside from the above reasoning, the click-and-hold behaviour was
also buggy so that selection mode was entered in a couple of
situations that weren't strictly about click-and-holding.

So this commit removes the functionality and the bugs.

BUG: 457973   
BUG: 458129   
CCBUG: 457975
parent a44830c3
......@@ -1060,7 +1060,6 @@ void KItemListController::tapAndHoldTriggered(QGestureEvent* event, const QTrans
//the Qt TabAndHold gesture is triggerable with a mouse click, we don't want this
if (!m_isTouchEvent) {
Q_EMIT selectionModeChangeRequested(true);
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