Commit 2aedaa1c authored by Jonathan Riddell's avatar Jonathan Riddell 🏄

add script to trigger builds

parent a1d984ac
# Docker hub removed their trigger API so here's a simple script I run on my own server to push an empty commit
# which will trigger a build of all the images
# Jonathan Riddell 2019-11-28
# May be freely copied under the GNU GPL version 3 or later
set -xe
REPOS='docker-neon docker-neon-all'
BRANCHES='Neon/release-lts Neon/release Neon/stable Neon/unstable Neon/unstable-development master'
cd /home/jr/src/docker-neon
for repo in $REPOS; do
cd $repo
for branch in $BRANCHES; do
git checkout ${branch}
git commit --allow-empty -m 'empty push for hub.docker trigger'
git push
cd -
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