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    • Harald Sitter's avatar
      add a rubocop.yml to silence some excessive warnings · 6cecbd4a
      Harald Sitter authored
      also set target version to 2.5 (default is 2.1) as bionic has 2.5 so that's
      what we should be working against
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      implement on-demand dependency resolution & replace mkmf with custom code · 05de6bb7
      Harald Sitter authored
      this is a bit meh but since neondocker needs docker but we don't want
      docker on the ISO we have to jump through hoops to get this working
      out of the box :(
      xephyr and docker are now installed unless they are available. docker-api
      gem is also installed as necessary.
      the latter is a bit tricky even. when not run as a program the file will
      expect the gem to be present (as before) but when run as program it will
      install the gem and then reexecute the program to reload the gem list.
      to prevent inifnity reexecs there also needs to be a loop protection
      passed via the environment
      this also replaces the use of mkmf with a custom Executable class to locate
      binaries. mkmf is not meant to be used outside build configuration. it
      pollutes the main object namespace and it actually requires ruby-dev to
      run. it's altogether rubbish here. instead the new Executable class from
      releaseme implements proper binary lookup but without all the downsides
      of mkmf