Verified Commit 9c8de4d9 authored by Varun Chari's avatar Varun Chari Committed by Yurii Kolesnykov
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Merge KDE Connect Cask

Closes !13

Signed-off-by: Yurii Kolesnykov's avatarYurii Kolesnykov <>
parent 894cd832
\ No newline at end of file
cask "kdeconnect" do
version :latest
sha256 :no_check
url do
require 'open-uri'
base_url = ""
version = URI(base_url.to_s)
.first # should only be one mach
file = "kdeconnect-kde-#{version}-macos-64-clang.dmg"
name "KDE Connect"
desc "Enabling communication between all your devices"
homepage ""
livecheck do
url ""
app "", target: "KDE"
binary "#{appdir}/KDE",
target: "kdeconnect"
uninstall quit: "org.kde.kdeconnect"
zap trash: [
"~/Library/Application Support/kpeoplevcard",
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