Verified Commit f2e43c18 authored by Yurii Kolesnykov's avatar Yurii Kolesnykov
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fix not installing all formulae

Signed-off-by: Yurii Kolesnykov's avatarYurii Kolesnykov <>
parent 5614eb89
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ for formula in "${formuladir}"/*.rb; do
for dep in `grep "depends_on \"kde-mac/kde" "${formula}" | awk -F "\"" '{print $2}'`; do
echo "${dep/kde-mac\/kde\//} ${formulaname//\.rb/}" >> "${dep_map}"
echo "${formulaname//\.rb/}" >> "${dep_map}"
tsort "${dep_map}" > "${install_order}" 2> /dev/null
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