Commit c074e1b0 authored by Maik Qualmann's avatar Maik Qualmann

I think this extra code for Windows is no longer needed

parent 51509e80
......@@ -231,20 +231,7 @@ bool DImgJPEGLoader::load(const QString& filePath, DImgLoaderObserver* const obs
bool startedDecompress = false;
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
QFile inFile(filePath);
QByteArray buffer;
if (
buffer = inFile.readAll();
JPEGUtils::jpeg_memory_src(&cinfo, (JOCTET*), buffer.size());
jpeg_stdio_src(&cinfo, file);
// Recording ICC profile marker (from iccjpeg.c)
if (m_loadFlags & LoadICCData)
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