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Don't make notifications for already ended events persistent

This affects both events that had already ended on startup as well as
active notifications while an event ended. Those are then still present
but are only listed in the notification panel after some time, putting
the focus more strongly on the upcoming/current reminders.

Reminders related to tasks are not affected by this.

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#	reminder-daemon/alarmnotification.cpp
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......@@ -32,7 +32,6 @@ void AlarmNotification::send(KalendarAlarmClient *client, const KCalendarCore::I
const bool notificationExists = m_notification;
if (!notificationExists) {
m_notification = new KNotification(QStringLiteral("alarm"));
// dismiss both with the explicit action and just closing the notification
// there is no signal for explicit closing though, we only can observe that
......@@ -99,6 +98,14 @@ void AlarmNotification::send(KalendarAlarmClient *client, const KCalendarCore::I
bool eventHasEnded = false;
if (incidence->type() == KCalendarCore::Incidence::TypeEvent) {
const auto event = incidence.staticCast<KCalendarCore::Event>();
const auto eventEndTime = startTime.addSecs(event->dtStart().secsTo(event->dtEnd()));
eventHasEnded = eventEndTime < QDateTime::currentDateTime();
m_notification->setFlags(eventHasEnded ? KNotification::CloseOnTimeout : KNotification::Persistent);
if (!m_text.isEmpty() && m_text != incidence->summary()) { // MS Teams sometimes repeats the summary as the alarm text, we don't need that
text = m_text + QLatin1Char('\n') + text;
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