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Prevent crashing from null AlarmNotification pointer

This MR adds a check for null pointers when iterating over the notification hash which should prevent crashes from trying to access a nullptr
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......@@ -252,16 +252,32 @@ void KalendarAlarmClient::checkAlarms()
QVector<QString> nullAlarmNotificationIds;
// execute or update active alarms
for (auto it = m_notifications.begin(); it != m_notifications.end(); ++it) {
if (it.value()->remindAt() <= mLastChecked) {
const auto incidence = mCalendar->incidence(it.value()->uid());
const auto notification = it.value();
// Protect against null ptr
if(!notification) {
qCDebug(Log) << "Found null active alarm with id: " << it.key() << "Skipping.";
if (notification->remindAt() <= mLastChecked) {
const auto incidence = mCalendar->incidence(notification->uid());
if (incidence) { // can still be null when we get here during the early stages of loading/restoring
it.value()->send(this, incidence);
notification->send(this, incidence);
// Remove the null alarm notification ptrs from our notifications
for(const auto &nullAlarmId : nullAlarmNotificationIds) {
// schedule next check for the beginning of the next minute
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