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Add translation context for the "Dismiss" action

Should help with fixing the misleading German translation of this.

CCBUG: 452264
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......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ void AlarmNotification::send(KalendarAlarmClient *client, const KCalendarCore::I
m_notification->setIconName(incidence->type() == KCalendarCore::Incidence::TypeTodo ? QStringLiteral("view-task")
: QStringLiteral("view-calendar-upcoming"));
QStringList actions = {i18n("Remind in 5 mins"), i18n("Dismiss")};
QStringList actions = {i18n("Remind in 5 mins"), i18nc("dismiss a reminder notification for an event", "Dismiss")};
const auto contextAction = determineContextAction(incidence);
if (!contextAction.isEmpty()) {
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