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Somehow the merge from release/20.12 did not include this

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......@@ -161,6 +161,24 @@ public:
createIncidence(const KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr &incidence, const Akonadi::Collection &collection = Akonadi::Collection(), QWidget *parent = nullptr);
* Creates a new incidence.
* @param item Item containing the incidence to create and metadata, such as tags.
* @param collection Collection where the incidence will be created. If invalid, one according
* to the DestinationPolicy will be used. You can know which collection was
* used by calling lastCollectionUsed();
* @param parent widget parent to be used in dialogs.
* @return Returns an integer which identifies this change. This identifier is useful
* to correlate this operation with the IncidenceChanger::createFinished() signal.
* Returns -1 if @p item is invalid. The createFinished() signal
* won't be emitted in this case.
createFromItem(const Akonadi::Item &item, const Akonadi::Collection &collection = Akonadi::Collection(), QWidget *parent = nullptr);
* Deletes an incidence. If it's recurring, all occurrences are deleted.
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