Commit 01237a8b authored by Volker Krause's avatar Volker Krause

Remove declaration of non-implemented method

parent b4d7dd58
......@@ -95,23 +95,6 @@ public:
bool retrieveFreeBusy(const QString &email, bool forceDownload,
QWidget *parentWidget = nullptr);
Retrieve the freebusy information of a contact for a specified period.
This method works as the previous one except that there is no fallback
on the URL mechanism.
@param email Address of the person for which the F/B list should be
@param start Start of the period to get F/B data for
@param end End of the period to get F/B data for
@return true if a free-busy provider has been contacted, regardless
of the fact that it will respond positively to the handling
bool retrieveFreeBusy(const QString &email, const KDateTime &start,
const KDateTime &end);
Clears the retrieval queue, i.e. all retrieval request that are not started
yet will not start at all. The freebusy retrieval that currently is
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