Commit 44f16b48 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Fix Bug 375296 - unable to use kdeconnect-cli to send an sms

FIXED-IN: 5.5.1
BUG: 375296

I can't test it but we need to quote text and number
parent 259735ff
......@@ -86,9 +86,9 @@ void SendSmsAction::sendSms(const KContacts::PhoneNumber &phoneNumber)
* %N the raw number
* %n the number with all additional non-number characters removed
command = command.replace(QStringLiteral("%N"), phoneNumber.number());
command = command.replace(QStringLiteral("%n"), strippedSmsNumber(number));
command = command.replace(QStringLiteral("%t"), message);
command = command.replace(QStringLiteral("%N"), QStringLiteral("\"%1\"").arg(phoneNumber.number()));
command = command.replace(QStringLiteral("%n"), QStringLiteral("\"%1\"").arg(strippedSmsNumber(number)));
command = command.replace(QStringLiteral("%t"), QStringLiteral("\"%1\"").arg(message));
//Bug: 293232 In KDE3 We used %F to replace text
command = command.replace(QStringLiteral("%F"), message);
KRun::runCommand(command, nullptr);
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