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    EntityOrderProxyModel: support adding a favorite at a specific position · a745dade
    David Faure authored
    If EntityTreeModel::modelIndexForCollection() doesn't find the
    collection we're dropping, then insert it first (via the base class
    dropMimeData) and then look for it again, to handle it as a move.
    I hope this doesn't affect other EOPM users than the favorites model;
    but when reordering a full ETM surely the dropped folder is somewhere in the
    Test Plan:
    When using the ListView mode for the favorites, this allows to
    directly drop a new folder (from the folder tree) to a specific position,
    as shown by the "between items" drop indicator.
    Reviewers: dvratil, mlaurent
    Reviewed By: dvratil
    Subscribers: #kde_pim
    Tags: #kde_pim
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D9417
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