Commit 5860dd72 authored by Bertjan Broeksema's avatar Bertjan Broeksema
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Add a configuration option to the Agent configuration files which tells

the server wether or not the agent should be started in the AgentServer
or as a standalone process.

For now we check if the option is actually set in the config file to
ensure that when this option isn't set, the agent is started in its
own process.

The WIP name of the option is "X-Akonadi-RunInAgentServer" which is
treathed as bool.

svn path=/trunk/kdesupport/akonadi/; revision=1175152
parent 5034e32a
......@@ -61,6 +61,13 @@ bool AgentType::load(const QString & fileName, AgentManager * manager)
capabilities = file.value( "X-Akonadi-Capabilities" ).toStringList();
exec = file.value( "Exec" ).toString();
identifier = file.value( "X-Akonadi-Identifier" ).toString();
if ( file.contains( "X-Akonadi-RunInAgentServer" ) ) {
runInAgentServer = file.value( "X-Akonadi-RunInAgentServer" ).toBool();
} else {
runInAgentServer = false;
if ( identifier.isEmpty() ) {
......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ class AgentType
QStringList capabilities;
QString exec;
uint instanceCounter;
bool runInAgentServer;
static QLatin1String CapabilityUnique;
static QLatin1String CapabilityResource;
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