Commit 6619ea3e authored by Christian Boltz's avatar Christian Boltz Committed by Sandro Knauß
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Add openSUSE paths in Akonadi AppArmor profile

Testing on openSUSE Tumbleweed showed that some paths are different, and
a few additional permissions are needed.
parent afbec87e
......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
/etc/xdg/** r,
/usr/bin/akonadiserver mr,
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libexec/drkonqi PUx,
/usr/lib{,64}/libexec/drkonqi PUx,
/usr/bin/mariadb-admin PUx -> mariadbd_akonadi,
/usr/bin/mariadb-check PUx -> mariadbd_akonadi,
/usr/bin/mariadb-install-db PUx -> mariaddbd_akonadi,
......@@ -51,10 +52,12 @@
@{postgresqlpath}/bin/pg_ctl PUx -> postgresql_akonadi,
@{postgresqlpath}/bin/pg_upgrade PUx -> postgresql_akonadi,
/usr/sbin/mysqld PUx -> mysqld_akonadi,
/usr/share/icu/[0-9]*.[0-9]*/*.dat r,
/usr/share/mime/mime.cache r,
/usr/share/mime/packages/ r,
/usr/share/mime/types r,
/usr/share/qt/translations/* r,
/usr/share/qt5/qtlogging.ini r,
/usr/share/qt{,5}/translations/* r,
/usr/share/mysql/** r,
@{PROC}/sys/kernel/core_pattern r,
@{PROC}/sys/kernel/random/boot_id r,
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