Commit 6f6c6914 authored by Christian Mollekopf's avatar Christian Mollekopf
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Use the target of the symlink instead as socket directory.

Socket paths must be shorter than 108 characters, and the symlink is quickly beyond that.
By using the actual directory this can be avoided.

This results in the socket used to start the mysql database, as well as
the socket in akonadiconnectionrc being set to the /tmp/ path.

BUG: 277839
REVIEW: 112152
parent a2ada719
......@@ -99,10 +99,10 @@ QString akonadiSocketDirectory()
const QString tmpl = QLatin1String( "akonadi-" ) + QLatin1String( pw_ent->pw_name ) + QLatin1String( ".XXXXXX" );
if ( checkSocketDirectory( link ) )
return link;
return QFileInfo( link ).symLinkTarget();
if ( createSocketDirectory( link, tmpl ) )
return link;
return QFileInfo( link ).symLinkTarget();
qCritical() << "Could not create socket directory for Akonadi.";
return QString();
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