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What is Akonadi?
Akonadi is a PIM layer, which provides an asynchronous API to access all kind
of PIM data (e.g. mails, contacts, events, todos etc.).
It consists of several processes (generally called the Akonadi server) and a
library (called client library) which encapsulates the communication
between the client and the server.
This directory contains the sources of the Akonadi server and all the infrastructure
that is needed to build the client libraries and the application which want to make
use of Akonadi.
* cmake/
Contains the cmake checks that are needed to build the server.
* interfaces/
Contains the dbus interface descriptions that are used by the
client library to control the Akonadi server or request status
* libs/
Contains the sources of a private library which provides utils
that are used by both, the Akonadi server and the client library.
* server/
See INSTALL for installation instructions.
See Mainpage.dox for more information.
See libakonadi.xmi for UML documentation generated with Umbrello.
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