Commit c8f22a7f authored by Konrad Czapla's avatar Konrad Czapla
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Add possibility to concatenating column name with table name.

parent fbc32aa3
......@@ -650,6 +650,11 @@ QString QueryBuilder::getTable() const
return mTable;
QString QueryBuilder::getTableWithColumn(const QString &column) const
return mTable + QLatin1Char('.') + column;
QString QueryBuilder::getTableQuery(const QSqlQuery& query, const QString &alias)
Q_ASSERT_X(query.isValid() && query.isSelect(), "QueryBuilder::getTableQuery", "Table subquery use only for valid SELECT queries");
......@@ -258,6 +258,13 @@ public:
QString getTable() const;
* Returns concatenated table name with column name.
* @param column Column name.
* @note Pass only @p column that are not prefixed by table name.
QString getTableWithColumn(const QString &column) const;
void buildQuery(QString *query);
void bindValue(QString *query, const QVariant &value);
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