Commit f217d9e9 authored by Daniel Vrátil's avatar Daniel Vrátil 🤖
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Fix PostgreSQL start when is not removed after non-clean shutdown

When PostgreSQL is not terminated nicely, a pidfile is left behind in db_data,
which will prevent pg_ctl from starting a new PostgreSQL server.

We check for file and verify that postgres server with PID
specified in the pidfile is not running anymore, then delete the pidfile to
allow pg_ctl to start a new server. If the postgres server is still running
(possibly after Akonadi server crash), we try to connect to it right away.

BUG: 286826
FIXED-IN: 1.12.2
parent f5bfc641
......@@ -166,6 +166,43 @@ void DbConfigPostgresql::startInternalServer()
QDir().mkpath( socketDir );
// TODO Windows support
#ifndef Q_WS_WIN
// If exists, check whether the postgres process still exists too,
// because normally we shouldn't be able to get this far if Akonadi is already
// running. If postgres is not running, then the pidfile was left after a system
// crash or something similar and we can remove it (otherwise pg_ctl won't start)
QFile postmaster( QString::fromLatin1( "%1/" ).arg( mPgData ) );
if ( postmaster.exists() && QIODevice::ReadOnly ) ) {
qDebug() << "Found a pidfile, checking whether the server is still running...";
QByteArray pid = postmaster.readLine();
// Remvoe newline character
pid.truncate(pid.size() - 1);
QFile proc( QString::fromLatin1( "/proc/" + pid + "/stat" ) );
// Check whether the process with the PID from pidfile still exists and whether
// it's actually still postgres or, whether the PID has been recycled in the
// meanwhile.
if ( QIODevice::ReadOnly ) ) {
const QByteArray stat = proc.readAll();
const QList<QByteArray> stats = stat.split( ' ' );
if ( stats.count() > 1 ) {
// Make sure the PID actually belongs to postgres process
if ( stats[1] == "(postgres)" ) {
// Yup, our PostgreSQL is actually running, so pretend we started the server
// and try to connect to it
qWarning() << "PostgreSQL for Akonadi is already running, trying to connect to it.";
qDebug() << "No postgres process with specified PID is running. Removing the pidfile and starting a new Postgres instance...";
if ( !QFile::exists( QString::fromLatin1( "%1/PG_VERSION" ).arg( mPgData ) ) ) {
// postgres data directory not initialized yet, so call initdb on it
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