Commit fcf2e70f authored by Alexander Potashev's avatar Alexander Potashev
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Revert "Remove temporary file."

This reverts commit 821c7769.
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#! /usr/bin/env bash
$EXTRACTRC `find . -name \*.ui` >> rc.cpp || exit 11
$XGETTEXT *.cpp -o $podir/akonadi_knut_resource.pot
rm -f rc.cpp
#! /bin/sh
$EXTRACTRC `find -name "*.ui"` >> rc.cpp
$XGETTEXT `find -name "*.cpp" -o -name "*.h" | grep -v '/tests/' | grep -v '/autotests/'` -o $podir/libakonadi5.pot
rm -f rc.cpp
  • A revert message should explain why (I know the reason: it needs to be cleaned), but it's better to keep it for anyone else.

  • Sorry I skipped it. I believe it's not recommend to rewrite Git history, so it will have to stay as is.

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