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      Create a per-type ChangeNotification Protocol command · 040ce64b
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      Different entity types have different data, so sharing a single
      structure to describe changes in all entities is limiting. Having
      a single structure made sense when we only had Items and Collections
      which share most of the attributes and it was also easier to expose
      this via DBus.
      Now we are no longer limited by DBus so we can afford having a
      different Protocol command for each notification type. This will be
      most important when we introduce SubscriberChangeNotification, as
      subscriber changes would otherwise be hard to map onto the legacy
      ChangeNotification and is also the first step towards Notification
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      Implement notification subscription management via Protocol · f257797f
      Daniel Vrátil authored
      NotificationManager now lives in separete thread. It creates
      NotificationSubscriber object for each new connection on NotificationServer.
      Each connection does not have its own thread as in case of Connection,
      because the communication there is minimal and we don't mind if the
      NotificationManager thread gets blocked for a short moment.
      Each Subscriber keeps state of the subscription. When a notification is
      delivered to NotificationManager, it will pass them to all subscribers
      which will then decide whether they accept the notification and eventually
      send it to subscribed client.
      Currently this breaks notification and subscriber debugging because we
      completely removed the DBus introspection. The plan is to introduce a
      subscription change notification (a type of Protocol::ChangeNotification)
      that clients like AkonadiConsole could subscribe to to get information about
      new or removed subscribers and their subscription state.
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