Commit 3186d9ce authored by Daniel Vrátil's avatar Daniel Vrátil 🤖

Adapt dbinitializertest to changes in DbInitializer

CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is now represented as QDateTime::currentDateTimeUtc()
(see a9437332)
parent 33d86e16
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
<column name="remoteRevision" type="QString"/>
<column name="collectionId" type="qint64" refTable="Collection" refColumn="id"/>
<column name="mimeTypeId" type="qint64" refTable="MimeType" refColumn="id" onDelete="Restrict"/>
<column name="datetime" type="QDateTime" default="QDateTime::currentDateTime()">
<column name="datetime" type="QDateTime" default="QDateTime::currentDateTimeUtc()">
<comment>create/modified time</comment>
<column name="atime" type="QDateTime">
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