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Commit f89c0b56 authored by Daniel Vrátil's avatar Daniel Vrátil 🤖

Akonaditest: Fix testenv script on Windows

parent 1a3257f4
......@@ -32,10 +32,10 @@ void ShellScript::writeEnvironmentVariables()
for (const auto &envvar : qAsConst(mEnvVars)) {
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
const auto tmpl = QStringLiteral("$_old_%1=$%1\r\n"
const auto tmpl = QStringLiteral("$env:_old_%1=$env:%1\r\n"
const auto tmpl = QStringLiteral("_old_%1=$%1\n"
const auto tmpl = QStringLiteral("$_old_%1=$%1\n"
"export %1\n");
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ void ShellScript::writeShutdownFunction()
" qdbus %1 %2 %3\r\n"
const auto restoreTmpl = QStringLiteral(" $%1=$_old_%1\r\n");
const auto restoreTmpl = QStringLiteral(" $env:%1=$env:_old_%1\r\n");
const auto tmpl = QStringLiteral("function shutdown-testenvironment()\n"
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