Commit 1237e143 authored by Pierre Ducroquet's avatar Pierre Ducroquet 🛩 Committed by Laurent Montel
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Specify in our Accept header that we want RSS/Atom

It has been reported that at least one feed exists ( will *not* send
the same content depending on your accept header. If we use the default accept header,
we receive an XML document with invalid content.
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......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ void FeedRetriever::retrieveData(const QUrl &url)
auto job = KIO::storedGet(url, KIO::NoReload, KIO::HideProgressInfo);
job->addMetaData(QStringLiteral("UserAgent"), userAgent);
job->addMetaData(QStringLiteral("accept"), QStringLiteral("application/rss+xml;q=0.9, application/atom+xml;q=0.9, text/*;q=0.8, */*;q=0.7"));
job->addMetaData(QStringLiteral("cache"), useCache ? QStringLiteral("refresh") : QStringLiteral("reload"));
connect(job, &KJob::result, this, &FeedRetriever::getFinished);
mJob = job;
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