Commit b665d515 authored by Lukáš Turek's avatar Lukáš Turek Committed by Albert Astals Cid
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Fix Bug 397752 - HTML articles appear very small

GrantleeViewFormatter converts user configured font size from points
to pixels, but there's no such conversion in AkregatorPart, where
QWebEngineSettings::setFontSize also expects the font size in pixels.
As a result fonts on sites using relative units (em or rem) are small,
unless DPI is close to 72. The point to pixel conversion should be
either in both places, or none. I chose the latter option, because
then the font sizes in Akregator match values in Falkon.

BUG: 397752
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......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ void GrantleeViewFormatter::addStandardObject(QVariantHash &grantleeObject)
grantleeObject.insert(QStringLiteral("absoluteThemePath"), mGrantleeThemePath);
grantleeObject.insert(QStringLiteral("applicationDir"), mDirectionString);
grantleeObject.insert(QStringLiteral("standardFamilyFont"), Settings::standardFont());
grantleeObject.insert(QStringLiteral("mediumFontSize"), pointsToPixel(Settings::mediumFontSize()));
grantleeObject.insert(QStringLiteral("mediumFontSize"), Settings::mediumFontSize());
QString GrantleeViewFormatter::formatFeed(Akregator::Feed *feed)
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