Commit b7eef8be authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Don't use deprecated method

parent 22fff098
......@@ -205,7 +205,9 @@ void ArticleViewerWebEngineWidgetNg::slotOpenInBrowser()
connect(job, &WebEngineViewer::WebEngineExportHtmlPageJob::success, this, &ArticleViewerWebEngineWidgetNg::slotExportHtmlPageSuccess);
} else {
KRun::runUrl(currentUrl, QStringLiteral("text/html"), this);
KRun::RunFlags flags;
flags |= KRun::RunExecutables;
KRun::runUrl(currentUrl, QStringLiteral("text/html"), this, flags);
......@@ -217,5 +219,7 @@ void ArticleViewerWebEngineWidgetNg::slotExportHtmlPageFailed()
void ArticleViewerWebEngineWidgetNg::slotExportHtmlPageSuccess(const QString &filename)
const QUrl url(QUrl::fromLocalFile(filename));
KRun::runUrl(url, QStringLiteral("text/html"), this, true);
KRun::RunFlags flags;
flags |= KRun::DeleteTemporaryFiles;
KRun::runUrl(url, QStringLiteral("text/html"), this, flags);
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