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Commit 48645957 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Fix typo

parent 718298b3
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ AkrWebEngineViewer::AkrWebEngineViewer(KActionCollection *ac, QWidget *parent)
: ArticleViewerWebEngine(ac, parent)
//TODO update settings when we change config
settings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptEnabled, Settings::checkPhishingUrl());
settings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptEnabled, Settings::enableJavascript());
settings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::PluginsEnabled, false);
settings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::AutoLoadImages, true);
settings()->setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::JavascriptCanOpenWindows, false);
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