Commit f92cf03f authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁

Revert "frame/framemanager.cpp - crash guard if we don't have a current frame yet"

It's not a fix it's a workaround which hides the real bug.
Until we understand why we have null pointer here we can't use the workaround.
Better to fix bug as create a workaround.

This reverts commit 763739ef.
parent 6018a01a
......@@ -202,10 +202,6 @@ void FrameManager::slotSetStatusText(Frame *frame, const QString &statusText)
void FrameManager::openUrl(OpenUrlRequest &request)
if (!m_currentFrame) {
if (request.browserArgs().newTab() || request.browserArgs().forcesNewWindow() || request.options() == OpenUrlRequest::NewTab || (m_currentFrame->id() == 0)) {
int newFrameId = -1;
Q_EMIT signalRequestNewFrame(newFrameId);
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