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Remove the now unused category color API

This has been replaced by Akonadi::TagCache.
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......@@ -259,22 +259,6 @@ bool KCalPrefs::thatIsMe(const QString &_email)
return false;
void KCalPrefs::setCategoryColor(const QString &cat, const QColor &color)
Akonadi::TagCache::instance()->setTagColor(cat, color);
QColor KCalPrefs::categoryColor(const QString &cat) const
QColor color = Akonadi::TagCache::instance()->tagColor(cat);
return color.isValid() ? color : d->mDefaultCategoryColor;
bool KCalPrefs::hasCategoryColor(const QString &cat) const
return categoryColor(cat) != d->mDefaultCategoryColor;
void KCalPrefs::setDayBegins(const QDateTime &dateTime)
d->mDayBegins = dateTime;
......@@ -55,10 +55,6 @@ public:
Akonadi::Collection::Id defaultCalendarId() const;
void setDefaultCalendarId(Akonadi::Collection::Id);
void setCategoryColor(const QString &cat, const QColor &color);
QColor categoryColor(const QString &cat) const;
bool hasCategoryColor(const QString &cat) const;
void setDayBegins(const QDateTime &dateTime);
QDateTime dayBegins() const;
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