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Merge branch 'release/21.04'

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......@@ -1175,7 +1175,7 @@ void CalPrintWeek::print(QPainter &p, int width, int height)
drawTimeTable(p, fromWeek, endLeft, false, mStartTime, mEndTime, weekBox, mIncludeDescription,
mIncludeCategories, mExcludeTime, mExcludeConfidential, mExcludePrivate);
if (mPrintFooter) {
drawFooter(p, weekBox1);
drawFooter(p, footerBox);
drawSplitHeaderRight(p, fromWeek, curWeek, QDate(), width, hh);
......@@ -2226,7 +2226,7 @@ void CalPrintPluginBase::drawSplitHeaderRight(QPainter &p, QDate fd, QDate td, Q
title += QString::number(fd.year());
p.drawText(0, lineSpacing, width, lineSpacing, Qt::AlignRight | Qt::AlignTop, title);
p.drawText(0, lineSpacing + padding(), width, lineSpacing, Qt::AlignRight | Qt::AlignTop, title);
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