Commit 98cd8632 authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter
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utils.cpp - handle ICalDrag::populateMimeData return value

in createMimeData don't ignore the return value from
parent 7fa4ab6d
......@@ -206,9 +206,11 @@ QMimeData *CalendarSupport::createMimeData(const Akonadi::Item::List &items)
KCalUtils::ICalDrag::populateMimeData(mimeData.get(), cal);
return mimeData.release();
if (KCalUtils::ICalDrag::populateMimeData(mimeData.get(), cal)) {
return mimeData.release();
} else {
return nullptr;
QMimeData *CalendarSupport::createMimeData(const Akonadi::Item &item)
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