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Display recurrence without main incidence

A disassociated occurrence of a recurring incidence can be left behind
when the recurring incidence is deleted, due to bugs.  This patch makes
them visible, for robustness, so they can be cleaned up.
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......@@ -399,13 +399,22 @@ void AgendaView::Private::calendarIncidenceAdded(const KCalendarCore::Incidence:
if (incidence->hasRecurrenceId() && mViewCalendar->isValid(incidence)) {
// Reevaluate the main event instead, if it was inserted before this one
KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr mainIncidence = q->calendar2(incidence)->incidence(incidence->uid());
if (mainIncidence) {
if (incidence->hasRecurrenceId()) {
if (auto mainIncidence = q->calendar2(incidence)->incidence(incidence->uid())) {
// Reevaluate the main event instead, if it was inserted before this one.
} else if (q->displayIncidence(incidence, false)) {
// Display disassociated occurrences because errors sometimes destroy
// the main recurring incidence.
} else if (incidence->recurs()) {
// Reevaluate recurring incidences to clean up any disassociated
// occurrences that were inserted before it.
} else if (q->displayIncidence(incidence, false)) {
// Ordinary non-recurring non-disassociated instances.
......@@ -1735,10 +1744,18 @@ void AgendaView::fillAgenda()
bool AgendaView::displayIncidence(const KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr &incidence, bool createSelected)
if (!incidence || incidence->hasRecurrenceId()) {
if (!incidence) {
return false;
if (incidence->hasRecurrenceId()) {
// Normally a disassociated instance belongs to a recurring instance that
// displays it.
if (calendar2(incidence)->incidence(incidence->uid())) {
return false;
KCalendarCore::Todo::Ptr todo = CalendarSupport::todo(incidence);
if (todo && (!preferences()->showTodosAgendaView() || !todo->hasDueDate())) {
return false;
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