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TodoViewQuickAddLine: fix adding a todo using the quick add line

This should be connected to the returnPressed signal that takes no args, so
the QLineEdit one.

Apparently things broke because the signal is overriden in
TodoViewQuickAddLine, overriding siganls is always a hassle.

Found while using KOrganizer.
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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
TodoViewQuickAddLine::TodoViewQuickAddLine(QWidget *parent)
: KLineEdit(parent)
connect(this, &TodoViewQuickAddLine::returnPressed, this, &TodoViewQuickAddLine::returnPressedSlot);
connect(this, &QLineEdit::returnPressed, this, &TodoViewQuickAddLine::returnPressedSlot);
mClickMessage = i18n("Enter a summary to create a new to-do");
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