Commit a965e813 authored by Friedrich W. H. Kossebau's avatar Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
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CalendarDecoration::StoredElement: tag property getters with Q_REQUIRED_RESULT

The nodiscard property is not inherited, so needs to be repeated explicitly
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......@@ -107,19 +107,19 @@ public:
StoredElement(const QString &id, const QPixmap &pixmap);
virtual void setShortText(const QString &t);
QString shortText() const override;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString shortText() const override;
virtual void setLongText(const QString &t);
QString longText() const override;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString longText() const override;
virtual void setExtensiveText(const QString &t);
QString extensiveText() const override;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QString extensiveText() const override;
virtual void setPixmap(const QPixmap &p);
virtual QPixmap pixmap() const;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT virtual QPixmap pixmap() const;
virtual void setUrl(const QUrl &u);
QUrl url() const override;
Q_REQUIRED_RESULT QUrl url() const override;
QString mShortText;
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