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Do not use "due today" color for completed to-dos in Agenda View

Do not use the "due today" color for the background color of a to-do in
the Agenda View if the to-do has been completed.  This is consistent with
to-do colors in the Month View.

BUG: 122776
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......@@ -1123,7 +1123,7 @@ QColor AgendaItem::getBackgroundColor(const QColor &resourceColor, const QColor
const QDate occurrenceDate = this->occurrenceDate();
if (todo->isOverdue() && today >= occurrenceDate) {
return mEventView->preferences()->todoOverdueColor();
} else if (dueDate == today && dueDate == occurrenceDate) {
} else if (dueDate == today && dueDate == occurrenceDate && !todo->isCompleted()) {
return mEventView->preferences()->todoDueTodayColor();
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