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Commit d2a9718d authored by Allen Winter's avatar Allen Winter

agenda/agendaview.cpp - put the shortMonth in the short day label

helps when quickviewing too.
parent 9ec34c09
......@@ -1224,8 +1224,9 @@ void AgendaView::createDayLabels(bool force)
int dW = date.dayOfWeek();
QString veryLongStr = QLocale::system().toString(date, QLocale::LongFormat);
QString longstr = i18nc("short_weekday date (e.g. Mon 13)", "%1 %2",
QString longstr = i18nc("short_weekday date (e.g. Mon 13)", "%1 %2 %3",
QLocale::system().dayName(dW, QLocale::ShortFormat),
QString shortstr = QString::number(;
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