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# GrantleeTheme
GrantleeTheme library provides a class for loading theme packages containing
set of templates.
## Template syntax
The library provides a KDE-specific Grantlee plugins that introduce
new tags into the Grantlee theme syntax:
* [Icons](@ref plugins_icon)
## Localization
The library provides GrantleeKI18nLocalizer, a Grantlee::AbstractLocalizer
subclass that integrates with Ki18n (the KDE localization framework) instead
of the Qt localization system.
## Qt Resource System support
Grantlee only supports loading templates from files on disk currently.
The GrantleeTheme library provides QtResourceTemplateLoader, which
allows loading Grantlee templates from the Qt Resource System.
# Plugins: icon {#plugins_icon}
This plugin introduces a new template tag `icon`. The tag allows easilly displaying
standard icons in the templates by using XDG icon names. The behaviour is identical
to resolving icon path via KIconLoader::iconPath() and passing the path to the
template as a string.
The `icon` tag supports up to three arguments:
* *ICON_NAME* is the name of the icon you would normally pass to QIcon::fromTheme()
to get the icon. The name can be a string or a name of a context variable holding
the string. This argument is mandatory.
* *SIZE_OR_GROUP* can either be requested icon size in pixels, or one of the keywords
`desktop`, `toolbar`, `maintoolbar`, `small`, `panel`, `dialog`, `sizesmall`, `sizesmallmedium`,
`sizemedium`, `sizelarge`, `sizehuge` or `sizeenormous`. Those strings map to values
in KIconLoader::Group and KIconLoader::StdSizes enumerators. This argument is optional,
the default value is `small`.
* *ALT_TEXT* A string to be used as an alt text for the image in the generated HTML code.
The string must be wrapped in localizer function (`_("Some string")`) or can be
a name of a context variable holding the string. This argument is optional.
## Examples
Show an icon called "kontact", size medium, no alt text:
{% icon kontact }
Show an icon called "kontact", size small, alt text in variable `kontact_icon_alt`:
{% icon kontact kontact_icon_alt }
Show an icon called "edit-redo", size medium, alt text "Redo" (localized):
{% icon edit-redo medium _("Redo") }
Show an icon as specified in `button.icon` context variable, size small, alt test specified in
`button.label` context variable:
{% icon button.icon small button.label }
maintainer: mlaurent
description: kdepim grantlee theme support library
description: KDE PIM Grantlee theme support library
tier: 3
type: functional
......@@ -12,3 +12,7 @@ libraries:
cmake: "KF5::GrantleeTheme"
cmakename: KF5GrantleeTheme
public_lib: true
group: kdepim
- name: Linux
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